End Student Poverty

Why is it normal and accepted for students to live in poverty? Cold flats and two-minute noodles are viewed as a rite of passage, and even looked on with nostalgia by those whose student days are past and who are lucky enough to now live comfortably. But this rite of passage and the “character” that […]

In defence of student spaces for Māori and Pasifika 

Māori and Pasifika students have a right to their own spaces on university campuses. Campuses can be isolating places at the best of times. This is even more true for Māori and Pasifika students, who have to deal not only with being in the minority on university campuses, but also with a university environment that […]

Dealing with climate catastrophe

School strike for Climate are mobilising students once again to strike against climate change. The political demands connect the issues of climate justice with Toitū te Tiriti, Freedom for Palestine, National’s plans to fast-track environmentally damaging projects, amongst others. Josh O’Sullivan argues for why we need to dismantle capitalism – root and branch – to […]

Healthcare workers in solidarity with Palestine

On 11 October, the fifth day of the war on Gaza, emergency services at Al Shifa Hospital received a call from a nearby neighbourhood. The assault by Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) had caused mass casualties in the vicinity of the Karni Crossing.  Palestinian Red Crescent ambulances had to wait to receive clearance from Israel. The […]

What is Socialism?

Introduction One thing that has become indelibly clear these past few months is liberalism’s failure to respond to the crisis in Gaza. As Israel rains unguided bombs and white phosphorus onto Palestinian civilians, annihilates their hospitals, and murders their children, the institutional response ranges from toothless disapproval to outright cheerleading. “Israel has the right to […]

The New Movement for Palestine in Aotearoa New Zealand

All out April 7! Justice for Palestine have called this day for a major mobilisation in Wellington in solidarity with the Palestinian people. As the genocidal destruction in Gaza enters a new, even more horrifying, phase, it is essential we sustain the pressure. Publicise, mobilise, act: let’s make this next demonstration as big as we […]

Uber vs its drivers

On 19th March around 40 people rallied outside the Court of Appeal in Te Whanganui-a-Tara / Wellington in support of Uber drivers. The rally called by First Union, which has more than a thousand Uber driver members, was held in the hour before the start of a two-day court hearing. Uber is seeking that the […]

A for alienation

For A ko te Alienation in Te Reo Māori Consider the basic building blocks of society. Among the most fundamental of these is how we make and distribute the things that we need and want. The things you need in order to do this (the land, the tools, the resources) are called the means of […]

A E I O U: Hei hanga ao mo te kaimahi ABCs of Socialism

Nau mai, whakatau mai e te ti, e te ta ki ngā taihuringa āhuatanga  o te wā, Ā, ki te punipuni korero nei o A E I O U: Hei Hanga Ao mo te Kai Mahi. Welcome to The ABCs of Socialism, a series of short introductions to key socialist concepts for would-be world-changers. A […]

C mo te Capital

— Pānui C is for Capital ki te reo Ingarihi Nau mai, whakatau mai e te tī, e te tā ki ngā taihuringa āhuatanga o te wā, ā, ki te puna kōrero nei o A E I O U: Hei Hanga Ao mo te Kai Mahi. I ngā pānui e rua kua pahure, kua whakataki […]