No rollback on reproductive rights!

Photo credit: ALRANZ Facebook

Protestors marched earlier this month, on the second of December, in defence of abortion and reproductive rights in Wellington. The march, organised by Poneke Anti-Fascist Coalition, was intended to counter the anti-abortion “March for Life” which is held each year by the organisation Right to Life. The numbers on both sides were smaller than they […]

The New Zealand Government’s Response to Covid

There is no doubt the Covid-19 disease has caused worldwide disruption to peoples’ lives, including ending the lives of millions around the world. One of the worst ever pandemics in human history by death toll, the disease has already been written about and reflected on in numerous news media, political sites, social media, and scientific […]

This is an Anti-Worker Occupation

The reactionary protest at parliament has now dragged on for several weeks. As the various antisocial demands of the protesters are amplified by the media, the quiet opposition of thousands of people doggedly continuing to follow public health measures can easily be lost. The actions that people are taking every day— such as scanning in, […]

Roadmap Abandons Māori and Pasifika

The government’s road map moving from elimination to suppression with low vaccination rates abandons Māori and Pasifika, particularly in South Auckland. Already these communities have paid a heavy toll in this outbreak; 80.9 percent of all cases so far in this outbreak have been in these demographics. Māori and Pasifika are in the firing line, […]

COVID-19: Ardern Government Caves to Business

The Cabinet’s decisions to drop Auckland from Level 4 to Level 3, and then on Monday 4 October to ease Level 3 restrictions, unnecessarily risks the Delta outbreak getting out of control. The proportion of the population vaccinated was far too low to justify these steps. It was still undecided whether under-12s could be safely […]

The Right to Live and Die: Critical support to proposed euthanasia reforms

A reader of the site, John Ashborne, contributes to the debate on the End of Life Choice Act referendum. It was with great concern that I read the views expressed in the ISO’s 18 August article on the upcoming euthanasia referendum (“Thoughts on the End of Life Choice Act Referendum”, by Dougal McNeill and Serah […]

Thoughts on the End of Life Choice Act referendum

The ISO has not adopted a position on the End of Life Choice Act referendum. This personal contribution from two members sets out their argument for voting ‘no’. The New Zealand General Election will take place on October 17th, 2020. When voting, we will each have the opportunity to vote in two referenda. Though the […]

VUW Panel on End of Life Choice Act

The New Zealand General Election is fast approaching. In addition to the customary option to vote for a party and an electoral candidate, there will simultaneously be two referenda. One of those will be about whether or not to pass into law particular processes to allow people with terminal illness the option of assisted death […]

Covid-19 Update – Government Gambles on Outbreak

The government has rolled the dice. On Tuesday the 28th of April we will move down to level 3 of the COVID-19 Alert System. More businesses will open up as long as they can show they don’t have direct contact with consumers. Forestry, Manufacturing and Construction will reopen. Schools and Early Childhood Centres will be […]