The UK General Election: How to Prevent Disaster Under Starmer

Keir Starmer, leader of the Labour Party, and Olivia Bailey, Labour’s candidate for Reading West and Mid Berkshire, speak with Labour Party activists at Douai Park Tennis Club, Woolhampton, whilst on the General Election campaign trail in Reading. Picture date: Tuesday June 18, 2024.

After 14 years of ignominious Tory rule, Labour ousted the Conservatives by winning 411 to 121 seats in the 650-seat House of Commons. On the face of it, this is massive victory for the left in politics, a welcome change from far-right victories that have come out of Europe, and an endorsement of Keir Starmer’s […]

Book Review: Burnout by Hannah Proctor

Burnout - the emotional experience of political defeat

We are seeing and are actively involved in a recent up-tick of political activity, most noticeably the widespread, and thus-far sustained mobilisations in support of Palestine. Many new people are being drawn into political activity through marches and through organising activity including educational forums, direct disruptive action, building student and worker action groups, social media […]

Say No to AUKUS

In this piece I’ll be examining AUKUS and how it relates to, and is a product of, the system that the working class of the world currently suffers under. I’ll also be touching on some larger topics such as China, the relevance of AUKUS to us here in Aotearoa, and the big question – What […]

Cost of Living, Interest Rates, and Now Jobs Cuts

Essential Workers - We Thank You

On 10 April the Monetary Policy Committee of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand agreed to hold the overnight interest rate, known as the Official Cash Rate (OCR), at 5.5 percent. The knock-on effect on retail borrowing will be the persistence of high interest rates. For example, Westpac offers a 2-year fixed mortgage rate of […]

The Unemployed: Cheap Labour On Tap

There’s an old Kiwi joke that in the 1950s unemployment was so low, down to a mere few dozen individuals, that the Minister of Labour knew the name of every person collecting the dole. In those days, Government policy had an eye towards the full employment of the working class. Today, state institutions refer instead […]

Why we stand for Palestine

Palestine flag waving

Solidarity According to the Gaza health ministry, Reuters reported on 16 October, at least 2,750 Palestinians had been killed and 9,700 wounded in Israeli air strikes on the Gaza Strip since 7 October. By the time of writing, the death toll was much more. Before this latest round of bombs and death most of Gaza’s […]

Vote Green or Te Pāti Māori, and Build a Socialist Alternative

Marama Davidson & Debbie Ngārewa-Packer

The International Socialist Organisation’s position on the general election, in line with a decision at a membership conference, is summed up in the slogan: ‘Keep National Out, and Build a Socialist Alternative.’ The implication is to give the party vote to Labour, the Greens or Te Pāti Māori. In this opinion piece Grant Brookes puts […]

Israel is the Aggressor

In the midst of a civilian massacre perpetrated by Israel in response to Hamas’ jailbreak out of Gaza, western media responses have focused solely on Israel’s right to defend itself against all those it labels as terrorists. The deeply irresponsible reporting of the imperialist core such as AP News and BBC may present an alternative […]

Five things to remember when Israel ‘defends itself’

Whenever the “international community” starts talking about Israel’s right to self-defence, Palestinian civilians head to the bomb shelters. Or they would, if they had any—the Israeli government prevents the Gaza Strip from importing the necessary construction materials. During Israeli bombardments, Gazans might try sheltering in UN-run schools, but Israel blows them up and kills the […]