Auckland University Students Rally Against Fee Increases

On the afternoon of Monday the 21st of October a rally of around 50 to 100 people was held in front of the steps of the Old Choral Hall at the University of Auckland, protesting fee increases and the increasing commodification of education. The rally was in protest of the yearly fee increases and the increasing commodification of education. We supported this rally and had our Auckland University student members attend.

The rally kicked off with an open forum, where anyone could come up and speak. Among the speakers were two lecturers; two representatives from AUSA, the Auckland University student union; and speakers from the ISO.

The rally then marched to a lecture theatre where a live stream of the fee meeting was being streamed, but as soon as we went in the steam stopped and we were told to leave. We then marched to the Symonds St–Alfred St intersection where we stopped to occupy the area. Prior to the rally an effigy of Steven Joyce, National’s Minister for Tertiary Education, was created. He was burnt as a symbol of students’ disgust.

The occupation of the intersection lasted until 17:30, and then the remaining protesters broke up to continue discussions.