Students and the Education Factory

This is a must read pamphlet for any activist interested in student politics today. It covers a range of topics related to tertiary education like why we should campaign for free education and the role of the University in modern capitalism.

Most importantly the pamphlet is a history of the student movement in the 1990s and early 2000s. This was when there was a massive student movement in Aotearoa/New Zealand that involved mass protest and occupations. While our rulers would rather us forget this movement because it stopped the worst of the attacks on students. It won interest free student loans and caps on course fees, two concessions that mean education is far cheaper today than what it could have been.

This pamphlet was written by members of the Socialist Workers Organisation (now defunct) in the 1990s and updated in the early 2000s.


About the Authors

GRANT BROOKES is a registered nurse. He has been involved in the Education Campaign at Otago University  and Auckland University since 1989.

DAVE COLYER is the editor of Socialist Worker, fortnightly newspaper of the SWO. A former student, he was the Education Action Group co-ordinator at Canterbury University in 1998.

They are both members of the SWO.


The authors wish to thank Graham Hastings, Brian Webb and the Australian International Socialist Organisation for their help in producing this pamphlet.


You can buy a copy from our branches or you can order copies for $5 by emailing or by writing to ISO, PO Box 6157, Dunedin. You can also contact us by phone, either text or ring 022 312 8018.