A Victory in the Long March for Equal Pay

kristine-smallAnother legal victory has been chalked up for equal pay and it is a big one. On 28 October the Court of Appeal delivered its judgement on the appeal by Terranova Homes against the Employment Court’s decision in favour of Kristine Bartlett’s case for equal pay. Two courts now have ruled that Terranova Homes, and by implication many other employers, are breaching the 1972 Equal Pay Act. The point of contention is whether a predominantly female workforce should be paid the same rates as a comparable predominantly male workforce working with the same levels of skills, effort, and responsibility. Terranova pay their women workers the same as their handful of men workers. This does not help the women as the men are paid a pittance as well. [Read more…]

False advertising in Radio NZ prostitution discussion

Last month, National Radio’s Jim Mora hosted a panel discussion about prostitution in Christchurch.

As usual with Mora’s show, this involves a bunch of yuppies pontificating about the issues of the day. For this show though, Mora introduced Debbie Baker from ‘Street Reach’ as an advocate for women working in the sex industry.

Oddly enough for an advocate, the very first sentence Ms Baker said started “now that prostitution is decriminalized, unfortunately …” This rang alarm bells, as surely anyone who advocates for sex workers would be in favour of this change in their legal status. Ms Baker went on in the same vein, continuously referring to these women as girls, and even went so far as to agree with other panelists that laws arresting street workers could help.

It was clear from her contribution, that Ms Baker is not an advocate for these women.

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