Iwi chairman gives Gaza “the finger”

With the horror of the latest Israeli massacre in Gaza is still fresh in the minds of the world, Ngati Kahungungu Inc chairman Ngahiwi Tomoana thought it would be a good idea to invite the Israeli ambassador over for a few drinks. In the last month, 1800 Palestinians, most of them civilians, have been killed […]

A war crime in progress

Jason Farbman reports on the latest developments in Israel’s war on Gaza, July 14, 2014. ISRAEL’S RELENTLESS pounding of a trapped civilian population in Gaza entered a frightening new phase as its bombing campaign continued into its seventh day. On July 13, the Israeli military dropped leaflets warning the residents of northern Gaza that whoever stayed behind risked […]

The Case for Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions

[Israel’s current barbarous assault on Gaza has prompted an urgent call from Palestinian civil society to intensify the campaign of boycotts, divestment and sanctions. The bombardment of Gaza shows the brutality of Israel’s occupation. This week rallies in solidarity with Palestine are planned in Auckland and Wellington and we urge all readers to attend and […]

The terror state lashes out

Jason Farbman reports on Israel’s escalating violence (from June 8), with the threat of worse to come–and the furious response of Palestinians fed up with being terrorized. A SUSTAINED wave of violence by Israel in recent days has brought tensions to a boil throughout the West Bank, Gaza and Israel itself. In the early morning […]

Bitter fruit of the Iraq war

The Sunni rebellion sweeping Iraq is the latest chapter in the spiral of death and chaos caused by the 2003 invasion and subsequent occupation. The military gains made by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) have been possible only because of the turmoil and ruin inflicted by the US and its allies. The […]

Review: Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom

Chadwick’s Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom is a biographical film about the late Nelson Mandela’s life. The film takes its audience through Mandela’s life from his early years as a lawyer to him eventually becoming president. One of the first things which stood out to me about this film was the amount of violence. Long […]

Boycott Batsheva at NZ Festival

This year’s NZ Festival includes four performances by the Israeli Batsheva dance company. By Nausea for Aotearoa BDS We will be outside Batsheva’s performance to protest Batsheva’s role in whitewashing Israeli apartheid. We invite all supporters of justice for Palestine to join us in solidarity: 7:30pm, Saturday 22 February Outside St James Theatre on Courtney […]

Wellington in Solidarity with Egyptian Revolutionaries

January 25th marks three years since Egypt’s revolutionary uprisings ended the rule of Mubarak. Today on four continents protests are happening in solidarity with Egypt’s revolutionaries. We initiated a symbolic picket in Wellington today to link Aotearoa with this global solidarity, and were joined by local anarchists and supporters of the International Bolshevik Tendency. Our […]

Syria: No to Assad, No to US Imperialism

The Syrian civil war has come about as a response to the rule of Bashar al-Assad who succeeded his father in the year 2000, coming into presidency with strong support of the people and with aspirations of democracy and secularism. However, as his presidency unfolded, not much changed for the Syrian people. The economy was […]

Yes to revolution, no to intervention!

We Stand Behind the Syrian People’s Revolution – No to Foreign Intervention Over 150 thousand were killed, hundreds of thousands injured and disabled, millions of people displaced inside and outside Syria. Cities, villages, and neighborhoods were destroyed fully or partially, using all sorts of weapons, including warplanes, scud missiles, bombs, and tanks, all paid for […]