The Wizards Who Delved Too Greedily

Polyhedral Dice

Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) is, unfortunately, a commercial product owned by for-profit company Wizards of the Coast LLC (WotC) and therefore by that company’s owners: Hasbro Inc. We say unfortunately because D&D is also an experience, a source of joy, and a source of community for a lot of kids and adults alike. From fantasy […]

The cost of living crisis: workers must not pay for capitalism’s failures

Reserve Bank of NZ

A series of articles for this website since last August have tracked the developing cost of living crisis and how in Aotearoa some groups of workers have responded. A clutch of recent economic data demands an update.  Inflation In the US the annual rate of increase in consumer prices rose to 8.5 percent as of […]

The Inflation Threat

Official price inflation figures were released on 27 January. The Consumer Prices Index (CPI) registered a 5.9 percent increase for the year 2021. Inflation is now at its highest since 1990. Everybody in work whose pay rate has not risen by 5.9 percent over the year has fallen behind the cost of living. That will […]

The Struggle to Defend Living Standards

At the beginning of August, before the current COVID-19 outbreak, I penned an article for this website, Rocky Times Ahead, which noted a rise in consumer prices and predictions of rising interest rates. I concluded that workers would have to be on their mettle to defend their living standards. Then came the COVID outbreak and […]

The Stock Market Is a Game That’s Rigged

In the last week of January something peculiar happened. The press was alight with reports of ‘meme stocks’ and the stock market being ‘broken’ by an internet forum. Gamestop is a gaming retail store that has been struggling since digital game sales now dominate the gaming market. During 2020, as Covid-19 ravaged the economy, things […]

Rising Tides, Raging Fires: the Capitalist Climate Crisis

This talk about the capitalist roots of the climate crisis was presented at Victoria University of Wellington on 3 March 2020. ISO member Emile Wilmar gives a historical account of how the environment has been exploited under different forms of class society and how capitalism, by its very nature, brings us to the brink of […]

For Solidarity: Maintain lockdown to save lives

Support essential workers! Give them PPE! Beware Slackening the Fight against COVID-19  The lockdown against the spread of COVID-19 is, among other things, a piece of class struggle. Workers socially distancing themselves and limiting their exposure to essential workers (keeping supermarket shopping to an absolute minimum and following distancing guidelines) are acting together to save […]

The politics of the virus

Socialist Alternative is an Australian socialist organisation. This speech was given at a video conference of Socialist Alternative’s national committee on 22 March. Mick Armstrong is a founding member of Socialist Alternative and is a member of the organisation’s national executive. There can be no overstating the significance of this horrific crisis for humanity. The death […]

Labour’s COVID-19 response package: Not enough for workers

When the Labour-led Coalition Government revealed its first fiscal response package to the COVID-19 pandemic I was, at first, jubilant. The pessimist in me had been expecting austerity, expecting cuts and sell offs. This package is definitely not that. $12.1 billion in spending and 4% of GDP – great! But as the afternoon continued and […]