United NZEI and PPTA Action Can Win

James Crichton, chief of the Employment Relations Authority, says our claim is unrealistic. What rubbish! Our teachers’ claim of 16 percent over two years is fully justified to make a teaching career an attractive option. Crichton knows nothing of the reality of being a teacher in an under-funded system – always under stress, never having enough time, working long hours.

The offer of 3 percent for 3 years does not even guarantee a real pay rise if CPI keeps on rising. The latest annual rate of inflation is 1.9 percent, having risen from 1.1 percent in March and 1.5 percent in June. At this rate, by the end of the year CPI could easily be well over 2 percent. Who is to say what could happen over 3 years?

School education needs a transformational funding boost. Labour says it will take time. We can’t wait years. Children and teachers deserve better right now.

The government’s Budget Responsibility Rules policy caps public spending at 30 percent of GDP. This policy is blocking the funding increases that services like education and health need. The policy is designed to appease business – a sign of Labour’s commitment to capitalism. Tell Labour to break the Rules.

The government fears our power. They only made an improved offer last week because they hoped action would be called off.

The executive of the PPTA has recommended that its members reject the government’s secondary teachers’ offer.

The way to win is clear: united strike action with the PPTA for as often or as long as it takes.