Oppose Big Brother University

The University of Otago is pushing to have 60 CCTV cameras installed in student neighbourhoods in late 2017-2018. The project which will cost around $1,270,000 has been accepted by both the local police and the university administration who claim it is a successful crime detection and prevention tool. By extending it’s preying eyes, the university is seeking to establish even greater authority over the private lives of students.  It seems very much like a big brother scenario where they hope to make the students live in fear because they will always know that the university is watching their every move.

A referendum is being held by the Otago University Students Association (OUSA) to gauge the views of student towards the project.  Voting will begin on Monday May 29th and ends on Wednesday May 31st. Other questions on the referendum are:

  • Should OUSA directly ask the Tertiary Education Minister to, “Commit to wipe all student loan debt by 2025 and make University attendance free within five years?” and then upload the Minister’s response in an appropriate form on the OUSA website as soon as practicable?
  • Should OUSA support a change of government at the 2017 general election?

Socialists stand against the university’s plans to become “big brother” in student neighbourhoods, for free tertiary education and for the active participation of student unions in political life.  It is time for the Universities to listen to their students’ voices’.  Vote in your student referenda here: http://ousa.org.nz/your-executive/elections-and-referenda/