Bludgers on a Binge

It’s a case for the Taxpayers’ Union: Two bludgers on a binge. He’s just come out of a couple of years running with a violent mob called the ‘RAF’ and is now scrounging off the public purse; she’s one of these women who thinks having babies on welfare is a career plan. Paula Bennett is passionate about keeping “a focus on getting people off welfare and into work” but these two aren’t making any effort to get proper jobs. Worse – while on the benefit! – they’re off on an all-expenses-paid world trip. Some of the details are secret (these people are so precious about their privacy!) but I’ve had a gutsful. Enough politically-correct cringing: let’s talk tough.

There’s a problem with welfare dependency in English culture. Where are the male role models? I want to see more Pākehā leaders take responsibility for this. What about the children? Baby George is being brought up in an inter-generational culture of welfare dependency and gang violence. His father, grandfather and great-grandfather never worked a day in their life, instead sucking on the teat of Nanny State. Their whole family has anti-social habits. Aunt Anne has a history of intimidation – the police finally charged her after her vicious dogs attacked children in a park, but she is totally unrepentant. The same dog went on to kill one of her sister’s dogs.
Not that Granny Liz is any better. The vicious dogs she keeps well fed on her benefit have savaged postmen, policemen and even herself!

Crime, violence and gangs are just part of this family’s way of life. They live in this sprawling publicly-funded housing block ininner London they call ‘the Palace’: it’s a total no-go zone for the law-abiding citizens. When I was in London on holiday a policeman stopped me entering. Uncle Harry was so desperate to get his RAF patch he went to Afghanistan to shoot up people like he was in a video game. But Pākehā leaders won’t come out and name the problem for what it is: a culture that glorifies violence and excess. What do you think led him to go naked in a Las Vegas hotel room, or party dressed as a Nazi?

Don’t get me wrong: I’m all for partnership, and there are aspects of English culture – the traditional music, the wonderful mythology, the quaint ceremonies – that I really love. But parts of it are frighteningly backward, brutal and straight-out selfish and it concerns me that you’re not even allowed to say that anymore without someone accusing you of racism. The Windsors call each other these strange names – HRH and the ‘Prince of Cambridge’ and ‘Prince of Wales’ – and claim to believe that they can inherit the role of being ‘Defender of the Faith.’ They revel in the most war-like parts of their past: William and his son George are both named after murderous kingpins in their family’s violent Protestant past. You won’t hear Pākehā community leaders come out and condemn that, though.

I’m going to take a brave step today and call these folk for what they are: ferals. Perhaps CYFS should take a look. Poor baby George – cute and innocent like any other baby – getting brought into this world. His parents were prepared to expose him to crowds from a very young age, and they seem totally relaxed about leaving him in the company of convicted criminal Anne and confessed murderer Harry. It’s a tragedy to think what’ll become of him in that deprived home.

Soon, they will be in these islands, holidaying with no thought to the expense or inconvenience caused, imposing their backwards beliefs on honest hard-working New Zealanders, drinking and eating in luxury, boasting of their sense of entitlement. I’m sure Michael Laws, Mike Hosking and Family First are all preparing columns of outrage just now.