May Day: 2013

Kaimahi kaha – workers’ power!

May Day greetings to all our readers. Although Labour Day has had more official recognition and celebration in Aotearoa / New Zealand over the decades, May Day is the internationalist celebration of workers’ struggle and solidarity. You can read about the history of May Day here.

May Day marks our ongoing struggle for workers’ rights, democracy, dignity and socialism. In Wellington Unite union are holding a film screening and discussion on their campaigns for better wages and conditions, a great way to commemorate past victories by planning future struggle. Unite union members in Auckland’s Queen Street McDonalds store are set to strike this afternoon – what better way to mark international workers’ day!

This year May Day occurs in the shadow of the tragedy in Bangladesh, the terror of capitalism that saw garment workers in the Rana Plaza killed as their workplace collapsed. 293 people died due to the bosses’ greed and indifference to human life.

The Bangladesh Krishok Federation, a left-wing federation working amongst Bangladesh’s peasants, is organising relief and assistance for survivors and families from the tragedy. They are extending solidarity, not charity, and we urge anyone wanting to offer financial support to the survivors to donate to their efforts on May Day.

Workers of the world unite!