teach-love-not-fearBy Gowan James Ditchburn

Under the second covenant Jesus died for our sins and God would no longer go around smiting people out of wrath until judgement day. Apparently nobody informed Bishop Brian Tamaki of this. His accusations that LGBT people and their sins are responsible for the Kaikōura earthquake has angered many not only in the Queer community but in the Christian community and the wider public. So it was that a small protest gathered to march on Destiny Church in Wiri, South Auckland, to show the Bishop that his bigotry would not go uncontested. The crowd was small but the energy immense. With rainbow flags, placards and music blasting out from the speakers atop the van we marched on the Church. All the while the Bishop’s own sermons were blasted back at us. Clearly he was a little put out by all this, from time to time between songs he could be heard complaining about those outside.

But while there was a distinct lack of support from inside the church the same cannot be said from those who drove passed. Many people who went passed showed their support, honking horns, waving, thumbs up and giving the odd high five. Indeed, it was not until the service had ended and those inside were going home that we received disapproving looks from those going by. Yet even Brian’s flock could not resist when we started playing YMCA across the car park at them. Braving sun burn and hostility from church goers and Destiny’s own news crew our little protest made itself heard. [Read More…]

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Key’s gone – now let’s get rid of National

By Andrew Tait   All aboard for the gravy train. John Key just pulled off another coup, leaving at the top of his  popularity (National just polled 47% to Labour’s 27%), forgoing the chance for a fourth term but avoiding any of the unpleasantness usually involved in leadership transitions. In fact, if anything sums up his style, […]


Labour wins Mt Roskill – what next?

By Josh O’Sullivan   Michael Wood, The Labour Party Candidate has swept the floor in the local Mt Roskill By-election to replace Phill Goff as the new MP for Mt Roskill. His main opponent the National Party’s Parmjeet Parmar trailed behind with a lower percentage of votes than her previous run against Phil Goff in […]

Fidel Castro in 1957

Keeping the Faith – RIP Fidel

Fidel Castro has died. We mourn him from the depth of our hearts; for his victories and for his failings, for the achievements of the Cuban revolution and for its weaknesses but most of all for the achievements of his generation, for our own parents and our grandparents. Fidel Castro “invaded” Cuba, his homeland, in […]


Solitary confinement is torture!

By Emma Walker The UN agrees, anyone with a conscience agrees, even the scum over at the Department of Corrections agree: solitary confine is torture. But change the name, call it “23-hour lockdown” and suddenly Corrections is perfectly fine with it. Well, we’re not. Corrections can pull whatever linguistic stunt they want; the meanings of […]

Photo Credit: Cathy Casey

War Profiteers Not Welcome Here

“This is not a weapons trading event, this is normal everyday New Zealand businesses that supply goods and services to support the New Zealand Defence Force and Ministry of Defence” is what a representative said of yesterday’s Weapons Conference in Auckland’s Viaducts Event Centre, which was sponsored by none other than the world’s largest weapon’s […]


Class struggle – key to liberation

Shomi Yoon gave this talk to the International Socialism Day School, Newtown, Wellington, last month. It seems obvious that we need to understand the world in order to change it. Socialist strategy and tactics for liberation is not only about the downfall of capitalism but also for genuine liberation for all. A Marxist understanding of […]


Against Trump: supporting the resistance

By Romany Tasker-Poland   There has been a protest called in Wellington tomorrow in the wake of Trump’s victory. The Facebook event page gives details here. This is important. Leaving aside the more complicated questions about Trump’s victory, what is clear is that Trump’s campaign deployed racism, Islamophobia and the scapegoating of immigrants. It is […]


Tell Otago to #LoveHumanities

By Seb Hepburn Last week between 300-400 people gathered outside the Union building at Otago University to protest proposed cuts to the Humanities division. Up to 20 jobs are at risk across the History, Anthropology and Archaeology, English, Languages, and Music departments, and the TEU has been vocal in its campaign against the cuts. There […]

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Anzac Day: Against the Carnival of Reaction

mobiliseagainstthewarOn Anzac Day 1967, at the height of New Zealand involvement in the ‘American War’ in Vietnam, with New Zealand troops taking part in the suppression of the Vietnamese struggle for national liberation, members of the Progressive Youth Movement in Christchurch tried to lay a wreath following the dawn service in memory of those killed by imperialism in Vietnam. They were arrested and charged with disorderly behaviour. Feminists a decade later faced down a media-driven public outcry when they laid wreaths to the victims of sexual violence during war.

Lest we forget? It’s more like lest we remember. Anzac Day serves as a carnival of nationalist reaction, a day of public ritual aimed at promoting forgetting: forgetting the real legacy of New Zealand imperialism and militarism in favour of a sentimental nationalism, an anti-political celebration of national unity. [Read More…]