psaOver the first few days of August, a secret ballot for industrial action was conducted by Public Service Association (PSA) members in the health sector. The result was a resounding yes to industrial action. More than one third of the 12,000 PSA health members participated in the on-line ballot with 90% voting in favour.

Allied Health, Technical and Nursing PSA members, including Physiotherapists, Occupational therapists, Speech Language Therapists, Sterile Supply Workers, Cardiology Technicians, Public Health Nurses and Mental Health Nurses, went to the secret ballot to protest the DHBs’ 0.7% per year pay offer. With a ‘Rock star Economy’ and Bill English’s 2014 budget assurances that, “[workers] are entitled to expect a share in the economic recovery”, the 0.7% offer is a kick in the guts for health workers. [Read More...]

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We Need Independent Class Politics, Not Cross-class Alliances

[In June we published an editorial 'Should Socialists Support the Internet-Mana alliance?' Martin Gregory from our Wellington/Poneke branch replied here. In this contribution Shomi Yoon continues the debate. This article was submitted before Nicky Hager's Dirty Politics was published.] The latest polls show National in a comfortable lead with Labour trailing woefully behind. If the […]


AAAP Impact Mangere

Last week I saw the faces of poverty in Aotearoa. Not sad, withdrawn and dirty as we often see in child poverty promotions but angry, frustrated and determined, writes Rowan McArthur. Angry at their situation, the government and the government departments which perpetrate and reinforce the violent culture of poverty. Frustrated at constantly being turned […]

Condemn Anti-Semitic Attacks on John Key

We condemn the anti-Semitic defacing of National Party billboards reported over the last days. Racism serves to divide the working class, and to distract us from the real divisions in society. As socialists we are opposed to all forms of racism, regardless of who happens to be the target of racist slurs. All left-wing people […]


Iwi chairman gives Gaza “the finger”

With the horror of the latest Israeli massacre in Gaza is still fresh in the minds of the world, Ngati Kahungungu Inc chairman Ngahiwi Tomoana thought it would be a good idea to invite the Israeli ambassador over for a few drinks. In the last month, 1800 Palestinians, most of them civilians, have been killed […]

Maoriland Worker

World War One: the Fight against Conscription

Amidst all the patriotic furor this centenary, the real history of the war is all too easily forgotten.  The government and the opposition alike cry crocodile tears for the fallen and mouth “Never again!”, while daisy cutters are dropped on Afghanistan and the history books are (re)re-written. In high-school classrooms and history-books, we are taught […]


Disabled Protest Discrimination

This week a group gathered on the steps of Parliament to protest against one of the most disturbing pieces of legislation to come from the National Government – the amendment to the Health and Disability Act 2013. For the past decade families have been fighting for the right to be treated equally under the law and […]

Con Devitt

Con Devitt: One the Bosses Hated

  Con Devitt, an outstanding trade union militant, socialist and organizer, has died at the age of 86. Devitt, a long-time leader of the Boilermakers’ Union in Wellington, made an enormous contribution to the class struggle and the workers’ movement, especially in his important periods of leadership in the 1970s and 1980s. From a working-class […]

A funeral for one of the victims of Israeli airstrikes in Gaza (Jordi Bernabeu Farrús)

A war crime in progress

Jason Farbman reports on the latest developments in Israel’s war on Gaza, July 14, 2014. ISRAEL’S RELENTLESS pounding of a trapped civilian population in Gaza entered a frightening new phase as its bombing campaign continued into its seventh day. On July 13, the Israeli military dropped leaflets warning the residents of northern Gaza that whoever stayed behind risked […]

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Anzac Day: Against the Carnival of Reaction

mobiliseagainstthewarOn Anzac Day 1967, at the height of New Zealand involvement in the ‘American War’ in Vietnam, with New Zealand troops taking part in the suppression of the Vietnamese struggle for national liberation, members of the Progressive Youth Movement in Christchurch tried to lay a wreath following the dawn service in memory of those killed by imperialism in Vietnam. They were arrested and charged with disorderly behaviour. Feminists a decade later faced down a media-driven public outcry when they laid wreaths to the victims of sexual violence during war.

Lest we forget? It’s more like lest we remember. Anzac Day serves as a carnival of nationalist reaction, a day of public ritual aimed at promoting forgetting: forgetting the real legacy of New Zealand imperialism and militarism in favour of a sentimental nationalism, an anti-political celebration of national unity. [Read More...]


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