paknsave2Over 80 First Union members at Porirua Pak n Save have rejected a pay offer and voted for community action and strikes. The Pak n Save owner is refusing to pay a Living Wage. Last Saturday and Sunday workers and community supporters picketed at the store entrances and leafleted shoppers. The public reaction was on their side. Pak n Save hired thugs, otherwise known as Security, to intimidate. On the Saturday Security shoved cameras in peoples’ faces, followed protesters to their cars and shouted aggressively. Perhaps they went too far because that night the shelf-stackers held a meeting and walked off the job leaving product in the aisles. On Sunday Security was noticeably lower key. That’s the power of strike action! [Read More...]

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Sexual Assault and the Police

Last week’s decision by the New Zealand police not to press charges against the so-called “Roast Busters” confirmed for many that the police are incapable of taking rape or sexual violence seriously. For survivors, the close to one-yearlong investigation Operation Clover was a slap in the face. The whole thing seemed faulty even before the […]


A Victory in the Long March for Equal Pay

Another legal victory has been chalked up for equal pay and it is a big one. On 28 October the Court of Appeal delivered its judgement on the appeal by Terranova Homes against the Employment Court’s decision in favour of Kristine Bartlett’s case for equal pay. Two courts now have ruled that Terranova Homes, and […]

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Solidarity with Mexican Students

Dear students and families of the Ayotzinapa Normal School: It is with deep sorrow that we learnt of the terrible events of September 26 this year, when three students of your school were assassinated, and 43 were kidnapped by the municipal police of Iguala and Cucula, and handed over to a criminal group. Those comrades, […]

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Students, Workers and the Class Struggle

The history of capitalism is the history of revolt. Throughout the 19th, 20th and now the 21st centuries the capitalist system has been wracked by crises during which the normal functioning of the system is halted, leaving millions of ordinary people with no option other than to rise up. Workers of course, are a wellspring […]


The Pitmen Painters

The Pitmen Painters – Lee Hall Circa Theatre, until 8 November Reviewed by Jim Gluck The Ashington Group were pitmen – miners in the United Kingdom who surprised the art world by creating celebrated and striking pieces of artwork, and Lee Hall’s piece traverses their story from the mid 30s to just after the second […]


Making the case against Obama’s new war

Ashley Smith and Alan Maass provide the facts you need to know about the U.S. war on ISIS–and why it will make the world more chaotic and violent than ever. WHEN BARACK Obama strode to the podium of the United Nations in late September and made his case for yet another U.S. war in the […]


Growing Inequality – and a sign of resistance

The latest Stats NZ Household Income report has revealed that inequality in New Zealand continues to grow. The New Zealand Herald was very careful to split out a number of stories to get the best possible spin, but in combination the picture is stark. The first story was about household income. The median household income […]


Wellington Solidarity with Hong Kong Protesters

About 50 people gathered in front of the Chinese Embassy on Glenmore St in Wellington Wednesday to support the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong. Wearing black clothes and yellow ribbon pins, the group held signs calling for “Democracy”, “Proper Elections” and to “Stop Violence on HK Students”. Many signs included images of umbrellas as this […]


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