Nice Work if You Can Get It

don franks nice work

Nice Work if You Can Get It; Notes from a Musician’s Diary

By Don Franks (Steele Roberts, $19.99)


Reviewed by Shomi Yoon


If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to be a fly on the wall of the social functions of the rich and powerful but not be tainted by that experience, then Don Frank’s Notes are  whimsical retellings of being that musician. From playing for the Young Nats, to Piggy Muldoon’s birthday party at a high class Italian restaurant, even to the Police Association, Don has played for the lot. [Read more…]

Proving a villain: the Bacchanals’ Richard III

RichardIIIRichard III, directed by David Lawrence. Bats Theatre, Wellington, until 31st January.


Reviewed by Dougal McNeill

Stabbings, strangulation, child murder, an earl drowned in a barrel of wine, sword fights, dirty politics, and – naturally – one of the best baddies in the whole of literature: Shakespeare’s Richard III sets out how villainy needs to be done. The Bacchanals’ wonderfully rambunctious and satirical production is a delight. They manage to make the play accessible without patronizing their audience or smoothing off any of the script’s rough edges. This is a text-centred production – and the ‘keen encounter’ of wits on display makes that a pleasure in itself – as well as a physical and fun, almost farcical, performance. Those new, or intimidated, by Shakespeare will find plenty here to entertain them, while existing fans and readers will have their appreciation of the playscript deepened and enriched. [Read more…]