Socialist Review

Socialist Review is a magazine produced by the International Socialist Organisation of Aotearoa/New Zealand. We aim to provide quality political analysis that represents the interests of the working class majority. We don’t aim simply to provide an “antidote” to the corporate lies, imperialist wars, oppression and inequality that dominate the global landscape; but to put them into historical and economic context, to draw links between the various issues and the global capitalist system, and analyse what they mean for ordinary working people and the working class movement, both at home and abroad. To do this we try and maintain a healthy balance of domestic and international issues.

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Please support Socialist Review by purchasing a subscription. Due to changes in our output, the following options are now available:

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  • Institutions:                                 $90

Make out cheques to the ‘ISO- Wellington’ and post them to:

Socialist Review
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If you would like to pay with internet banking please transfer money into

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