Socialists and Mana

The general situation was depressing. In the third year of John Key’s administration he and National were massively ahead of Phil Goff and Labour in the opinion polls. More dismally still, action by unionists was at rock bottom. The number of work stoppages for 2010 was the lowest since the Statistics New Zealand series begun in 1986 with only 6,285 person-days “lost” to the working of capitalism. The Labour Party, stuck in rectitude to neo-liberal economics, timid and defensive, seemingly unable to inspire hope. The Maori Party in coalition with National and Act selling out the Maori working class.

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Maori Party back National?

One of the most striking differences between John Key and the last National Party leader, Don Brash, is Key’s relationship with Maori political leaders.

Key could not govern without the support of the Maori Party – a party which was formed supposedly in opposition to Labour’s raupatu (confiscation) of the seabed and foreshore but in reality was born of massive Maori opposition to Don Brash’s inept attempt to play the race card.

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