We Back the Bus Drivers!

Bus Strike 1.jpegGowan Dichburn and Josh O’Sullivan joined bus drivers at yesterday’s strike in Auckland.

Stress and Fatigue at Central Depot

I got to the bus depot just before 9am. A few workers stood outside the gates blocking the exit with their cars, a dozen or so placards on the fence. I ask one worker how the strike is going, “The Strike is going well, no buses have gone out”. I started talking to Frank, the union delegate. [Read more…]

Auckland bus drivers’ spirit prevails over dead hand of union bureaucrats

At a mass meeting Auckland bus drivers working for NZ Bus Ltd had thrown out a pay deal recommended to them by the First Union and the Tramways Union, and the drivers were set to strike on Monday, September 24, and every Monday thereafter. Every socialist and trade unionist should be aware of what happened next and of the full story of the drivers’ dispute so far.

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Rebellion of the Rank and File

On 17 September a joint-union stopwork meeting of Auckland bus drivers voted against their union leaders’ recommendation to accept the latest NZ Bus offer. Unless a concession is made Auckland’s 800 bus drivers will be on strike next Monday, and plan to strike every Monday for weeks if necessary.