Statement on Gaza by the Egyptian Revolutionary Socialists

At the start of Israel’s current attacks on Gaza, the Egyptian Revolutionary Socialists issued the following statement:

When will you cut relations with the enemy, if not now?

In the midst of what is called ‘The Arab Spring’, Gaza’s Winter continues. Zionist shelling has so far killed more than ten martyrs, including children and even babies. Hundreds have been wounded, Gaza’s hospitals are overflowing, and the ‘good citizens’ of the world are rolling up their sleeves and preparing to provide relief, as if the people were victims of a volcanic explosion or an earthquake, rather than facing Zionist colonialism which enjoys the support of the Great Powers, and acts as the watchdog for their interests in the region.

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Death in Gaza, lies from Israel

Jihad Misharawi mourns the killing of his 11-month-old son in Gaza

Jihad Misharawi mourns the killing of his 11-month-old son in Gaza

Since Wednesday Israel has carried out a massive bombing campaign against two million people trapped in the Gaza Strip. At the time of writing, 33 Palestinians, including six children, are reported killed [at time of posting, the number of Palestinian dead exceeds 100, including 24 children]. In addition, at least 250 civilians have been wounded. According to the Israeli military, at least 800 air strikes have now been carried out in the attack – named Operation Pillar of Defence.

Throughout the invasion, Israeli officials have repeatedly promoted the lie that Hamas is the aggressor and that Israel is acting in “self defence”. For example, Australian born Israeli government spokesman Mark Regev told Channel 10 News on the second day of the assault: “Our operation is primarily defensive; if Hamas wasn’t shooting these rockets into Israel we wouldn’t be doing anything today.” The facts, however, contradict Regev and Israel’s claim. [Read more…]

War or revolution: IDF invasion poses stark choice

The Israeli “ Defense Force” is massing on the border of Gaza – a tiny enclave in which one and a-half million Palestinians live. Airstrikes and missiles have killed 20 Palestinians so far – including a Hamas military leader. Three Israelis have been killed by Palestinian rockets. But this is not some kind of zero-sum game, just the latest round in a never-ending tit-for-tat battle.

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Israel wages war on Gaza

Smoke over Gaza city, late Wednesday

At least twenty people in Gaza are dead after Israel unleashed a new wave of bombings reminiscent of the 2009 war. Once again, pictures of mutilated bodies are spreading across the internet, while Israeli officials do their usual schtick about “self-defenc”e and “Palestinian rocket fire”, calling their assault “Operation Pillar of Defence”.

Lies. The 4 year old baby girl killed last night was no threat. The victims aren’t illegal Israeli settlers in Sderot who live on stolen land; they’re the Palestinians who’ve had their land stolen, their lives destroyed, and their loved ones killed. Israel is not defending itself from terror; it is the main perpetrator of terror. [Read more…]